The Paradox of Tolerance

The philosopher Karl Popper first defined what is known as the paradox of tolerance in his 1945 book The Open Society and Its Enemies. It states:

Unlimited tolerance must lead to the disappearance of tolerance. If we extend unlimited tolerance even to those who are intolerant, if we are not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the intolerant, then the tolerant will be destroyed, and tolerance with them. 

In Layman’s terms, what this means is that in order for tolerance to exist within a society, the people of that society must be intolerant of intolerance and that they must be willing to defend tolerance at all costs otherwise, intolerance wins. (Read the entire definition here.)

Hyperians do not tolerate intolerance. We hate it. We hate racism, we hate homophobia, we hate sexism, we hate intolerant people. Then, we take our hate a step further by directing it towards systems that encourage, justify, teach, protect, or normalize intolerance.

This does NOT mean that we hate tolerant people who just happen to be caught up in those systems. These are people that we should be trying to reach, and need I remind you that almost all of us came from one of those systems. So… Pot, meet Kettle.

I’m not saying love everybody. Clearly, as I’ve pointed out above, that doesn’t work. What I’m saying is don’t be dicks, and pick your battles. Someone who is LGBTQA and a Christian is someone you should be handing a Unity Document, not brow beating for their beliefs. Beliefs can change. Save your hate for the crazy bastards that commit hate crimes against LGBTQA people in the name of religion and the religion itself.

Directing your hate where it’s deserved also means getting active in the real world and making yourself heard. Social media is great for sharing information, but as the recent Facebook blackout has proven, it has next to no impact on the real world. So, join up with LGBTQA and women’s marches in your area. Hit up Pride events and anti-racism rallies. Do something that expresses your hate for intolerance and supports others that do as well.

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The Animal Song

Pretty much anyone who grew up during the 90’s (I mean actually grew up, not was born during) more than likely remembers the pop band Savage Garden. Their hits “Truly, Madly, Deeply” and “I Knew I Loved You” pretty much dominated the US and UK charts for the majority of my teen years, and yes, like all of my friends, I was in love with them.

Confession: I still am. And with this post I want to talk about one of their lesser known and most important songs; “The Animal Song”.

If someone were to ask me to name a song that was the first to make me question society, it would be this song. Yes, out of all The Offspring and Marilyn Manson I was listening to, it was Savage Garden that made me a rebel. While to my friends this was just an upbeat happy song about living a carefree life, I was paying much closer attention to the meaning behind it.

The song openly questions society, and from the very beginning it calls out Hollywood, the media, and a society filled with violence and hate. Then, it rejects it in favor of building a new and better world. A utopia where everyone is truly free.

That we should literally live like animals is not what’s being said here. It’s being pointed out that human beings are the only ‘animal’ on the planet that cannot coexist peacefully with one another, and that maybe we should take a lesson from other species and stop killing one another over stupid shit.

Food, mating, and self defense are the only reasons that animals in nature kill. Why do humans do it? Money, power, religion, gender, sexual orientation, race, the list goes on.

The entire point of the song is that it shouldn’t be this way! How is a world filled with violence, poverty, and inequality still a thing in 2019? Why do people still believe in wildly incorrect and outdated religions? Why are homophobia, transphobia, and sexism still problems? The lyrics even ask you if you’re ready to jump in and make change happen.

Creating a new society, a utopia of equality, peace, and freedom is what Hyperianism is all about. It’s what we should all be working in some way to create. Start a blog, create videos, write music, make memes, draw, paint. It doesn’t have to be anything big or complicated. Just create something, like this amazing song, and put it out there to unite people!

Ad Astra,


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The Asexual Hyperian ♠️

Have any of you ever stopped to ask yourselves why some people use the acronym ‘LGBTQA’ instead of the more widely used ‘LGBTQ’? It’s because those people are trying to be inclusive of a sexual orientation that is already a minority of, and by some dickhead gatekeepers not even considered to be part of the greater LGBTQ community.

It’s called Asexuality. And before anyone decides to leave a comment (because I know some of you smart asses are dying to) no, we’re not plants. Asexuals do not and cannot reproduce on our own, and we do not have both male and female genitalia.

I wanted to write about this because within Hyperianism we have put an emphasis on the healthy expression of sexuality and are in full support of the LGBTQA Community. However, to the broader Asexual Community (and even to some Hyperians) it can sometimes feel as if we have completely forgotten about or exclude the ‘A’ at the end of that acronym. As someone who is asexual and a Hyperian, let me assure you, that is not the case.

In human terms, asexuality means that you don’t experience sexual attraction to other people. It is also used as a blanket term other orientations such as pansexuality, demisexuality, and sapiosexuality. That being said, someone who is asexual can also be straight, gay, or bi, and many of us are non-binary or transgender as well.

One of the greatest things about being asexual is that there are countless ways to be attracted to people, and Asexuals, whether they enjoy sex (yes, that’s also possible) or are completely repulsed by the thought of it are much more capable of experiencing and identifying different kinds of attraction than allosexuals.

Whether you’re Hyperian or not and regardless of your sexual orientation, you should research attraction. Learn to identify what kinds of attraction you experience. Not only is this a big step towards becoming whole, what you learn will help you build healthy relationships.

Dispite being in support of sexual expression, Hyperianism is welcoming of Asexuals. We don’t want anyone to do anything that they truly do not want to do! Have sex, don’t have sex, no Hyperian is going to care as long as you’re not hindering their right to express themselves.

So, to my fellow Asexuals in the broader community who may have felt as if Hyperianism was excluding them and any Hyperians who are asexual, you’re good. Keep being awesome.

Ad Astra,


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Hyperianism and Pets

One of the questions that I have seen come up in The Outer Circle on a somewhat regular basis is what is the Hyperian view on having pets?

These posts always seem to generate debates regarding The God Game and who’s understanding of it is right or wrong. Those of you who are saying that it’s fine to have pets, and then going on to explain in Hyperian terms why it’s fine are on the right track. However, some of you need to stop reciting Mike Hockney and take the time to understand the information before you slap it down on someone’s post. Also, some of you need to quit being dicks about it too.

That being said, it’s time we end this debate once and for all.

People who have pets are not stupid. People who view and treat their pets like humans are stupid. As long as you can accept and appreciate animals exactly as they are and understand that they are primative Monads that we coexist with, then great. Love them all you want. On the otherhand, if you’re forcing your dog to wear t-shirts, treating it like a child, and making it ride around in your purse, you have fucking problems.

Here’s the thing guys. Every single one of you, yes, even you animal haters WERE ONCE ANIMALS! Seriously! The process of evolution says so! Don’t believe me? Then check the material. You, as a Monad, did not start off as a human. You started off as something smaller, something much more primative, and as you experienced life as those primative beings you EVOLVED into a human. A process of one thing becoming another. That’s what evolution is.

So, to my fellow animal lovers out there (I won’t say “pet owner” because it implies enslaving another being) do your thing, it’s fine. The only stupidity that I see in this debate lies with the people who are spitting out information on your posts without fully understanding it.

Ad Astra,


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What is Hyperianism… To YOU?

Hyperianism is a system based on deductive truths and a priori logic… Blah blah fucking blah! I’m not here to regurgitate what you’ve already read and heard repeatedly at this point. I’m not asking what Hyperianism is, I’m asking what it means to you personally.

So, what does it mean to you? Why are you here?

I’ll tell you why I’m here. Because the world is completely fucked up, and it’s time for change. And on a personal level, it means freedom to be who I am in every way.

Some of you may have answers similar to my own, but it’s one thing to have an opinion, share memes you agree with online, and engage in comment wars than it is to practice what you preach in real life, and nothing prepares you for the consequences of doing so.

First of all, Hyperianism is the most complex, difficult, confusing, infuriating, and downright fucking frustrating system you’re ever going to learn. It’s going to mindfuck you in ways you never thought possible and leave you feeling brainfried. It’s going to make you feel stupid and you’re going to fuck up sometimes.

Not to mention, some of us can be real dicks sometimes.

Find a way of learning the material that works for you. You don’t have to study strictly Hyperian or Illuminist content in order to learn the information that’s being presented. If The Path of Shadow is melting your mind, take a break and search YouTube for Carl Jung. Academy of Ideas, for example, has an excellent playlist that is very beginner friendly. Although not entirely relevant, Netflix has some pretty cool documentaries on mathematics, and don’t forget books from your good old fashioned local library.

If interactive discussion is more your style, join The Outer Circle’s group chat. It’s a casual, laid back atmosphere and it’s intended to be fun. However, it’s also intended to be a forum for people who learn best through discussion.

On a personal level, Hyperianism is going to change you. It’s going to force you to set goals and get off your ass. It’s going to make you examine your relationships and decide whether or not certain ones are worth salvaging.

Sometimes setting your goals can be just as difficult as accomplishing them. If that’s the case, start small. You don’t have to set a definite long term goal right now. If you have an idea, then great, but let it be just an idea and let accomplishing your smaller goal be the first step towards your idea becoming a long term goal.

As for your relationships… Some people are going to choose to leave you, and you’re going to choose to leave some people. It’s not easy to cut off a close friend or family member, but it’s important to remember that sometimes relationships do more harm than good and that sometimes the only way you can heal is to cut ties.

You’re going to be lonely, but you’re going to meet new people and make new friends. That’s pretty much part of life. You can even choose to call those friends family if you want.

It’s the people who support you and have your back that you want in your life. No one can decide for you who stays and who goes, but what I will tell you is to base your decision on the relationship itself and NOT the person’s religious beliefs. Do this and you’re going to find yourself feeling like a sad piece of shit.

Hyperianism isn’t just a movement, it’s a lifestyle. It’s not something you can learn and incorporate into your life all at once. Take your time and move at your own pace. Be pissed off at it, be frustrated, take breaks if you need to, and tell anyone who makes you feel inferior to fuck right off.

Ad Astra


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